Our trips are designed to give you the best fishing trip possible while being flexible to your needs. We don't rush you into our schedule but rather give you flexible sailing times. If you want to leave at 6AM or sail at 8AM it is up to you. We can even base the sailing time on the tides to give you the best opportunity to catch fish. With several trips to choose from we are sure you can find what you want. If these don't work please call with any questions and we will work to meet your needs. Fishing is our only business. Our schedule is your schedule.
All trips include rod and reel use as well as all bait and terminal tackle.
Species available are dependent on current federal regulations.
½ Day 6 Hours
This is the perfect trip for those who wish to target one fishery. Depending on the fishery chosen, we can fish various techniques and areas to get the most excitment possible.
Flexible sailing time until 9am

Fish for one of the following fisheries
Striped Bass and Blues, Fluke, Sea Bass and Porgies
Striped Bass and Blues, Blackfish, Sea Bass and Porgies

Weekday        $850first 8 people, then $90 per person
Weekend        $900 first 8 people, then $90 per person

Full Day 8 Hours
This trip is great for groups who want to fish for multiple species over varying bottom. A typical trip may include anchoring over wrecks/rock piles hauling in porgies and sea bass then finishing up pulling on bass and blues. This is the best trip available when you compare value to experience.
Flexible sailing time until 8am

Fish for two of the following fisheries                                    
Striped Bass and Blues, Fluke, Sea bass and porgies
Bass and Blues, Sea bass and Porgies

Weekday        $950 first 8 people, then $110 per person
Weekend        $1000 first 8 people, then $110 per person

¼ Day Afternoon Relaxer 3-4 hours
This a great trip for groups who just want to take a 3-4 hours on a nice summer evening and catch a fluke or porgy or maybe just take a sunset cruise. This is a perfect trip for that post-meeting company outing or an easy-going family group. Available starting in June and running through Sept.
The boat sails between 4pm and 6pm based on your needs.
Weekday/Weekend        $650 first 8 people then $75 per person.
Best Adventure
Best Value
Trips and Prices
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Extended Day to Montauk or Block Island Including ALLIGATOR LEDGE
This trip is for fishermen who yearn for a true adventure. A multispecies experience ranging from Montauk Stripers and Doormat Fluke to Jumbo Sea Bass on legendary Alligator Ledge. Our family has been professionally fishing Montauk and Block Island since 1946. You won't find anyone who knows these waters better.
Flexible sailing time until 7am   8 + Hours

You will be fishing for the following.
Striped Bass, Monster Blues, Doormat Fluke, Jumbo Sea Bass and Porgies
Striped Bass, Monster Blues, Blackfish, Jumbo Sea Bass and Porgies

Weekday        $1300 first 8 people, then $130 per person
Weekend        $1400 first 8 people, then $130 per person

What is a split charter? It is a trip that we sell spots on the boat by reservation. You get all the service and equipment that chartering the boat gives you but you can come by yourself or with a few friends. It is great idea if you can't get enough people together to charter the boat yourself. These are limited dates. Be sure to book your spot before it goes to someone else. Includes everything but food and drinks.

Captain's Special
This trip is designed to award those individuals who have supported us throughout the year. The trip will be limited to only 10 passengers and the crew. We will be fishing for whatever is biting the best. Usually we call these "crew trips". They are a lot of fun and can be hardcore fishing. We take the opportunity with these trips to find virgin wrecks and bottom. You never know how good these are going to be. There are only 3 ways to get a spot on one of these trips: Book at least three charters; fish on at least 4 split charters; or BEG. The third one usually won't work.
Shark Fishing
This is new in 2012. With the new engine and added speed we are now able to offer shark fishing trips of Block Island or Montauk. These are limited to 8 people, and weekdays only.
Blackfishing is our true specialty. We are very fortunate to have a glacier that landscaped our area into a blackfish mecca.

Full day price $1,000 first 8 people then $110 per person over 8.